31 October 2008

Ragin' Oma!

As I made my blog-stalking rounds today, I came upon these awesome pictures on my cousin Jackie's blog. She cares for our grandmother (Oma). One night Oma came out of her room dragging a bat, looking for robbers. Recently she asked my cousin for the bat back, and Jackie told her she could have it back if she could prove she could swing it. Go Oma!!

30 October 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Yesterday Lucy got her hair cut, and today we worked out (pretty much) her Fancy Nancy costume for Halloween. Here's a sneak peek:

24 October 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Happy Birthday, my darling baby! I can't believe you are five!

20 October 2008


I made this! Yum!

09 October 2008

The Wood Menagerie

I finally finished my wooden animals! I cut out the shapes on a band saw, sanded them down and finished them with watercolor (for the eyes) and beeswax. I found the painting the most intimidating part!

07 October 2008

Diana Days

I came across my old Princess Diana look-a-like photos today. Here's one with a comparison. What do you think?

Here's one more I just found:

06 October 2008

Too Brilliant!

I had to put this on both my blogs -- it's too awesome!


We did a service project at Ensign Ranch right after we moved to Washington. After we were done, we did a little horseback riding.

My friend Anna took these pictures and I love them!

02 October 2008

The Back Yard

Finally, here are the before pictures:

There's a couple of deer under the apple tree here:

And after the gardeners worked their magic:

Can you believe that pathway was there that whole time? There was even a fountain and little (empty) pond out there that I'd never seen!

01 October 2008

Forever Mighty!

Lucy had show and tell at preschool today; things that start with the letter S. Amidst a slew of rubber snakes was this real corn snake named Slick. I was the only brave mommy, which is just another reason why I am, and always will be, Jen the Mighty!