29 March 2009

Thank You, Shirley Campbell!

When I was but a wee bonnie lass, a family friend would invite my sister and me over to decorate sugar cookies. Michelle and I always thought this was awesome, and I'm sure we drove mom nuts asking her when we were going back to Shirley Campbell's house. Thanks to Shirley I have an abiding love of decorating sugar cookies. I was thinking of this as Lucy and I decorated our cookies today. The fruits of our labors:

Lucy licking her lips after licking the sprinkles bottle.

13 March 2009

Doctors and Dentists and Hippos: Oh My!

So February was a surprisingly long, busy month, which mostly involved doctor and dentist appointments. Since my ailments are not picture-worthy (translation: disgusting pink eye), I am only posting a few photos of my brave Lucy!
First we had the dentist appointments. Lucy got to wear awesome sunglasses.

It was at said dentist that we discovered Lucy's loose teeth!

Next we had the 5-year checkup. Lucy had her vision and hearing tested first. The first round of the hearing test Lucy was feeling shy, so she didn't raise her hand at all. After I recovered from my heart attack and anguish over the amount of times I asked my poor hearing-impaired Lucy if she actually "hears me when I talk to her, or just chooses to ignore me," we redid the test and she raised her hand when she heard the beeps. Whew!

Finally we had the exam and Lucy got to wear a very neat little dress and sit on the hippo table.

Then we waited ages and ages for the nurse to come in and give Lucy her five (!!!!!) immunizations! Lucy was very brave (I am not so brave and therefore did not look) and was awarded a medal in the form of: treats, Lunchables, and snuggles from mom.

So that's February. Maybe I'll get to March next month!