30 November 2008


This year we had our first Thanksgiving sans family, so we decided to invite some friends. Before we ate, Libi led the kids in some appetite-inducing exercises:

Then we got down to the business of stuffing ourselves silly. The spread:

The menu:

Cider glazed turkey (roasted with a cedar plank, but I did not taste any difference)
Apple stuffing
Cider infused gravy
Brussels sprouts with pancetta, arugula and brioche
Mashed potatoes with leeks and sour cream
Butternut squash soup
Roasted cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie
Tasty rolls, bean salad and a slew of beverages were provided by our lovely guests.

After days of prep, cleaning, baking pies, fighting with IKEA (that new table in the picture better last a thousand years!!), and general insanity, I finally got cooking and dinner was served at 4.40pm. This was only forty minutes later than my broadcast eat-time of 4pm! Bonus!! It was a lovely Thanksgiving!!