29 June 2008

The Yard

I finally transferred pictures from my camera to the computer. Now I have some pictures to share with you, starting with Mathias and Lucy in the backyard. In the garden before you get to the shed I rediscovered a patio today. I totally forgot it was there. The field beyond the shed is also part of the property.

The creek that runs along the yard (in the fall it will be full of spawning salmon):

26 June 2008

Where Am I?

Yesterday, while I was driving Lucy to a dentist appointment, a bald eagle flew right over my car. The scene looked pretty much exactly like this:

Where on earth do I live?! This is crazy!

24 June 2008

Love! Compassion! Validation!!!

How come no one is commenting on my Potatoes site? I'm not feeling the love! When I said I was probably my only reader, I was just saying that in a funny, self-deprecating way -- Not for realsies! Comment on my Potato!

-- insert any middle child jokes here --

23 June 2008

For Brenda

Bren -- I'm so glad you're out of jail! Here's a pic just for you!

19 June 2008

Potatoes Unite!

So I've created a new blog (that's right, I'm that awesome!). Check it out:


Bask in my starchy glory!

09 June 2008

Almost Midnight

Roasting marshmallows over the embers in my fireplace. Possibly pathetic, yes. But I know you're jealous.

07 June 2008

Tragical Historie, Act II

The Tragical History of
LG and SubZero
Fridges of Mosinski

Act II

May 20, 2008: 3:45pm

Sears Delivery Man: Hey.
Jen: Hi, the fridge is in here.
Sears Delivery Man: That's a SubZero.
Jen: Yes, I realize that.
Sears Delivery Man: I can't take a SubZero.
Jen: But we paid extra and cleared it with two managers.
Sears Delivery Man: I can't take a SubZero. It's attached to the wall.
Jen: No, it's not. You can roll it right out.
Sears Delivery Man: You'll have to talk with my manager, cause I won't take it. Dials number. Hey, we're at the house and they have a SubZero. Can you tell her we can't take it? Hands phone to Jen.
Jen: Hello?
Orlando: Hi, my name is Orlando, I hear that you have a SubZero. We can't remove a SubZero from the wall.
Jen: But it's not attached to the wall. You can just roll it right out. And we already cleared this through two managers and have placed several calls.
Orlando: Well, we just can't take it. We don't take SubZero fridges. I can have the delivery guys leave your new fridge in a convenient location and you can arrange for someone to pick up your old fridge.
Jen: The owner of the house will be here in a moment. You'll have to explain this to him.
Orlando: Okay.
Jen: Why won't you take the fridge exactly? It's not attached to the wall, we paid extra, and all of the managers said that it was okay.
Orlando: That's something you'll have to take up with your sales associate.
Jen: But why would they say they'd take the fridge knowing that you can't?
Orlando: SubZeros have a compressor with freon in it. We can't have the freon on our trucks. If the compressor were removed --
Jen: -- So you do take SubZeros?
Orlando: Well, yes, but only if the compressor is removed.
Jen: So remove it.
Orlando: A technician needs to do that.
Jen: So where's the technician?
Orlando: You'll need to take that up with your sales associate. Right now I can have the guys set up the new fridge in a convenient location for you and then you can have the compressor removed later. Once the compressor is removed, we can come back and pick up the fridge free of charge.
Jen: Of course it will be free of charge, this is your mistake.
Orlando: Well, that's not entirely clear.
Jen: The owner is almost here, you're going to have to speak with him about this. You can't leave here without taking the old fridge.
Orlando: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Jen: No. The owner will be calling you in a minute. Hangs up.
Manish, the owner, arrives.
Jen: Hey Manish, they won't take the fridge.
Manish: Yes, they will.
Jen: I just got off the phone and the manager said that they'll take the fridge if the compressor is removed.
Manish: So let's take off the compressor.
Sears Delivery Man: Look, I don't have time to wait for you to remove the compressor.
Jen: Listen, I just waited two and a half hours for you. Now you can wait for me.

Sears Delivery Man goes outside and starts swearing. Returns with Manager Orlando on the phone. Hands phone to Manish. Manish leaves with phone, returns and begins moving refrigerator from the wall. After a while it's determined that the old fridge will be moved to the garage and the new fridge will be installed. Sears Delivery Man and Associate take old fridge out to driveway on a dolly.

End Act II