19 March 2008

Up, Up and Away!

So it's official! We're moving to Seattle! After several suspense-filled (for me!) interviews with Amazon (my cyberhome away from home), Mathias got offered a job! We love it here in the Bay Area soooooo much, but after a lot of thought, discussions, and prayer we felt like this is the best step for our family. We are sad to go and also excited for our adventures in the Pacific Northwest!
Last weekend we went up to Seattle to visit friends and scope out the city. We had a great time. First, on the way to the Space Needle, Mathias drove over a bump whilst I was munching on a Ritz cracker. Now I have a gaping wound in my tongue (seriously-- complete with profuse bleeding). Then, after dinner at J's (who is scary similar to her sister Z, with the extra bonus of being a Wiiiiiiiiii fan!), Lucy couldn't get the car door open and finally pulled so hard it knocked her in the face. Mathias, as usual, came away from the weekend sans injury.
Meanwhile, we really did have a dandy time. And, for all of you stinkers and your predictions of constant rain, the sun came out several times! For more than just a few minutes, too! And we took pictures to prove it:

As you can clearly see that is the Space Needle and beautiful blue sky in the background! And, following up on a previous post about my friends who don't believe in bike helmets, I came across this science exhibit at the Pacific Science Center:

If you can't read the text, here it is: Look at the difference between the thickness of your skull and the thickness of the helmet. Which is thicker, the helmet or the skull?
Now to my dear dear friends who don't wear helmets and are nervously reading this post knowing exactly who they are: I know that you think your skulls are thick enough, but no matter what kind of blockhead you are, you still need a helmet!
And that's all, folks!

13 March 2008

Finally, back to my old self!

374 words

Speed test

Finally I am back to my speedy ways! Gina, you can practice all you want, but it'll be a looooong time before you beat that, baby!

11 March 2008

Getting Better

80 words

Speed test

Okay, so I can't stop doing this speedy test. Somebody please help me!