29 April 2008

Hubba hubba!

To my Mathias on our 8th (yowsers!) anniversary: You are my dearest friend, a fabulous father, and still my sweetheart after all these years! I love you, babe!

11 April 2008

Glurp! Lifetime Project Runway!

Okay, so is this just a horrible horrible joke that Project Runway is moving to the Lifetime network? I mean, I will be the first to admit that I have frequented Lifetime in the past, but only for shameful shows like The Nanny (so funny it still makes me cry!), and Mathias occasionally stops for the Golden Girls (*sigh* -- I don't know what to do about that: accept it and move on, I guess). But super awesome Project Runway?!?!?!?! Blerg! What will happen to my yummy Runway goodness? Here are some of my nightmare episodes which, alas, could very well come true:
  • Celebrity Client: Joanna Kerns and Tracey Gold reunite to launch their new fashion line Growin' Paynzz 2008!
  • Challenge: Fabulous "I'm Over It!" outfit for going to meet your Ex and his new boyfriend, who is really that pregnant dude from Oprah. Drama!
  • A Very Special Confessional: Nina Garcia admits to Blossom that she really wears black socks with Birkenstocks, all with her favorite pair of hot pink stirrup pants. Intervention!
  • Double Your Pleasure: Fraternal twins seperated at birth, both abusive drug addicts, discover that they are married to each other and expecting triplets! Design the mutant inbred baby outfits before grandma makes an appearance and confesses that she sold one of the twins to support her Diet Coke habit! This is one episode you can't afford to miss!
  • Shunned in the City: An Amish girl defies her family and moves to the big city to be with her tatoo artist boyfriend. Design an outfit for a newly "shunned" Rachel as she flees to Cleveland. No more bonnets for this baby!
  • Sweet Poison: Your husband is drugging you to keep you from finding out that he's also poisoning you -- what do you wear to escape (Based on actual events. Seriously!)? Gulp!
  • 9-0-2-1-Oh No You Didn't: Christian reunties the fierce cast of 90210 to host an intervention for Andrea. And you know she's a tranny mess!
  • Finale: Design an outfit for Heidi Klum to wear to the grave, because her life in fashion is gonna be OVER! Aufwiedersehen, Heidi, cause you are soooooo out!
Project Runway say it ain't so! I will miss you and your fabulous Bravo ways!

10 April 2008


Last night after I put Lucy to bed I snuggled up with a bag of Mike and Ikes (don't judge -- it was a loooooooooong day) to watch American Idol. Boy did my frown turn upside down when I realized that I recognized several of the dancers in the opening number! First I was like: "Hey! That's Cedric!" And then it quickly turned in to me having a total heart attack and rapid firing the names to my poor Mathias: "Melody! Nick Lazzarini! Dom! Hok! Donyelle! Lacey! Pasha! Travis! Benji and Lacey! Oh my gosh is that Dmitry?!?!" After rewatching the opening segment approximately fifteen times, I jumped up to call everyone I know, which depressingly took very little time. Where are you, my SYTYCD buddies??? Especially you Angie, Anne and Amy???!!!
I am SO EXCITED for the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance, and I just wanted to let the world know! Yipppeeeeee! Shooby shooby dooby doo (sing that and it makes sense)!!!!

My heart skips beats just watching the video again!

08 April 2008

On the Grid Again

Let this day be marked in history: the Mosinskis are now cell phone owners! After years of being "off the grid," I'm not so sure how I feel about my new accessible status. Between a cell phone and a GPS, it's a little unnerving to have someone know where I am at all times. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, let me tantalize your optical senses with a picture of my newest accoutrement:

03 April 2008


On Saturday we arrived in Issaquah, our residence of the next several weeks. We were greeted by, of course, rain, and then all of a sudden it was snowing! This evoked a highly acidic gastro-esophageal reaction on my part, which then in turn led me to ask every person I encountered whether snow at the end of March is commonplace. Not so. It would seem that Washington rolled out the "white" carpet just for us! Mathias was unnaturally excited about the snow and announced in church on Sunday that we "looooooooove the weather here." I would have refuted this blatant disregard for the truth, but my jaws were clenched in a sort of chattering frozen vise.
Blizzards aside, this place if gorgeous! We really love Issaquah and so far have not gotten lost, contrary to what some of you lurkers have predicted in my near future (Johanna). I am currently fighting the battle of no GPS, but when Mathias sees a new gizmo in his future, there's no stopping him! I foresee losing that battle. . . .
Naturally I didn't pack the cable for the camera (but I did pack my Tivo!) so I can't show you all the beautiful pictures I've taken, but I promise I'll do that soon. Bis dann!