31 July 2008

Washington Chainsaw Massacre

Yeah, that's how we roll here in Washington! I'm more awesome than ever before! Sweet!

24 July 2008

There's Rock Bottom. . . .

And then there's the hole that is dug going down below rock bottom, and when you finally end up getting to the bottom of that hole, a bumblebee stings you. Blerg.

Status: Winged and dangerous.
Reward: 1 million dollars for the first to rip its little wings off. Stupid bee.

18 July 2008

For Beatrice

Deh peregrini che pensosi andate
Forse di cosa che non v’è presente,
Venite voi da lontana gente,
Com’a la vista
voi ne dimostrate,

Che non
piangete quando voi passate
Per lo
suo mezzo la città dolente,
quelle persone che neente
chentendesser la sua gravitate?

voi restate per volerlo audire,
Certo lo cor desospiri mi dice
lagrimando n’uscirete pui.

perduta la sua Beatrice;
le parole ch’om di lei dire
Hanno vertù di far piangere altrui.

Say, pilgrims, ye who go thus pensively,
Musing perchance on things that distant are,
Come ye from land and men so far away,
As by your outward mien ye show to us,

That ye weep not when passing through the midst
Of the dejected city, in her woe,
Seeming as persons who have never heard
Of the calamity oppressing her ?

If ye remain and have the will to hear,
This heart of sighs assures me ye will then
Share in our grief and weep when ye depart.

The desolate city mourns her Beatrice,
And in the tale that may be told of her
Is virtue to force every one to weep.


08 July 2008


Lately I've been watching a show called Kitchen Nightmares. The premise is this: Gordon Ramsey goes to a restaurant that is on the brink of failure and has one week to turn it around. Typically the owner of the restaurant is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs and has to be brought to reality.
Then there are the chefs. Within minutes of observing a chef, Gordon can pinpoint the problem, which usually boils down to the chef's loss of inspiration and passion.
After watching a number of episodes, I realized that I am like these chefs: I have lost my passion for food.
And now that I am aware of this, I realize that I miss it.
Where did my inspiration go? How do I regain it?

Ps. If one of you dear readers happens to know Gordon Ramsey, feel free to send him my way with some advice!

02 July 2008

The Score

Mosinskis: 6
Mice: dead