11 May 2009


If anyone else asks if this snake is a worm, I will personally climb out of your monitor and bop you over the head!

03 May 2009

April Tragedies and Triumphs

First there were freshly planted currants:

Then the beast dug them up. The beast barely avoided becoming dinner.

We replanted the currants and built beautiful garden boxes (yeah, Mathias!):

Then the dreaded beast dug up the garden boxes. I preheated the oven in anticipation of doggie dinner. But the beast somehow avoided death again. The garden was replanted and is now a beast-free zone.

And then there was the knitting. First there was the yarn:

Which then became hundreds of knitted rows. Which then, between sobs, I unraveled because the purls were wrong. Now the purls are right and the yarn is this:

Which, for all you non-observant stinkers out there, is a snake. And I can't believe I finished the knitting! Now for the sewing and stuffing.