12 January 2009

Slobber Time

We got a puppy! She's a six-month old, forty-five pound canine of awesomeness named Daisy. And lest I get any suggestions that I named her in honor of my blessed Dukes of Hazzard, or Ms. Fuentes, let me put those thoughts decidedly to rest:
I was always particular to the name Daisy, and over the years I've made it clear that Daisy would be the next Mosinski daughter's name. By a cruel twist of fate my communist (excuse me, I mean socialist) husband does not share in this good taste when it comes to naming human babies (suggestion for Lucy's name: Brunhilda). Twisting fate again, no Mosinski daughters have decided to appear and let me name them Daisy. Mathias has used this time to make clear that no Mosinski daughters will be christened Daisy. I cannot fathom this reasoning, but lucky for our puppy, good taste prevailed during the naming process, and Daisy she is!

08 January 2009

Floods (And I ain't talkin' 'bout pants!!)

Let's do a timeline. Our little babbling brook last summer:

Our torrential river this morning:

Our power went out last night. When we woke up we saw this outside our bedroom window:

Those cables on the ground are power lines. Yikes!