13 September 2009

All Grown Up!

Diary of a mom on her only child's first day of school:

Lucy waits for the bus. Everyone's smiling. Mom is only a wee bit misty-eyed.

Lucy gets on the bus. Mom's eyes are tearing up.

Mom waves bravely goodbye and then promptly follows the bus to school so she can embarrass Lucy there, too!

Lucy has a friend in class! Must take plenty of pictures of Lucy and friend.

Time to line up for class -- please note that I am not the only mother present.

You'd think mom would leave after this, right? Wrong!

Lucy still waves cheerfully.

But now mom's presence is getting old. Mom is cramping Lucy's five year old style. Sigh.

Mom left, but only when forced. And I was waiting with Lucy's Schultüte when she got off the bus.

Hurrah! I made it through the first day!